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My name is Nardos my dad is American and my mom is Ethiopian. My hometown is Los Angeles, California, but I consider where my family is home. We’ve moved about 8 times in my life, and when I’m older I plan on traveling more. My passions are running, surfing, and having a good time with friends. My one true love is the sea. My second are fries. At the moment I live in Dakar, Senegal and will for the next four years. Photography is a secret hobby of mine. Traveling and experiencing new things and having adventures are what make my life exciting, documenting those moments as I go is only apart of it.

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  1. G’day Nardos,
    What an exciting life you lead – having moved 8 times! Was it to a new country each time? Photography and travelling are great hobbies – we should see some great posts on your blog then.

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