Piece 1- Charcoal Still Life

For the past two art classes we had to observe a still life, choose an angle, then precede to shade and sketch out our idea of this still life. From this we had to use a great amount of value, as well as have an understanding on how to use the black and white to create dimensions and effectively show 3D throughout the drawing. I found the task difficult at first since whenever I am beginning a drawing it takes me some time before I get into the groove of it and am able to really piece it all together. I did enjoy this assignment however, because I found that I really do like working with charcoal. The gradient from white to black is so much easily created opposed to using pencil or paint. I also liked my end product, since you can clearly see the blacks and white that I added boldly with the charcoal. I do think I could’ve improved the shape of the lamp shade, since it does not fit the drawing as nicely as I would like, and has more of a 2D opposed to 3D look to it. In the end though I was pleased with how it turned out, since I am aware that no drawing is ever perfect.



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  1. This is a great description of the needed task. Your final product is very neat and balanced with the dark and light of the charcoals. You did a great job including the blue paper into your value scale and made it barely noticeable. Overall, great job.

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