Double-Double Animal Style w/ a side of Fries

My title of this post are the very first words that escape my lips as I walk up to order what I always get. In-N-Out originated in Los Angeles, and is a VERY big part of my childhood and life. I don’t even remember the very first time I was introduced to something that would forever change my life. Now I always find myself comparing burgers, trying to find the closest match to what in my opinion is the greatest meal ever. In-N-Out for me dates back to when I was 2, when my parents finally decided I was old enough to try it out. Now I find myself in love, even though I am a vegetarian, this is the one exception that I HAVE to make. The patties are cooked to perfection, and the fries till they’re a crispy brown. I’ve tried and failed many times to walk in there and not order while my brother gets what he wants. The urge is to much to resist, and I cave in each and every time. One memory I have is when I ‘graduated’ from a single to a double-double, meaning they just add in an extra patty and some more sauce. This was a turning point in my life, since because of this now there would be more for me to enjoy. These days whenever I go back home the very first thing we always do is drive straight to In-N-Out, it’s sorta turned into a family tradition.

In-N-Out– Image

MLA for picture: S. Jeffrey, In-N-Out Burger ” Animal Style ” combo #3 with a Coke!, June 2 2010, Photograph, Flickr, Creative Commons, Nov. 4 2015

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    • Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback to help me grow off of both and hopefully in the process become a better blogger.

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